How others have benefitted

Ina de Brún

A treatment with Sara was a wonderful cradling ~ a letting go of tension into a more natural and harmonious balance. Just lovely! Thanks Sara.

Tom Farrington

I have had a number of treatments with Sara and definitely had benefit from them. I would definitely recommend Sara’s gentle approach.

Fiona Ross

I felt so much more balanced after my Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy session with Sara. She has a natural healing gift and I really liked the holistic approach, in that it wasn’t just about the treatment process but was a very person-centred approach. Thank you Sara!

Michelle Ryan

I had a lovely experience with Sara in her Craniosacral therapy. Calming and relaxing treqtment and good for your well being overall. thank you..🙂

Emmeline Raj

I loved my remote craniosacral therapy session with Sara Devoy! I really appreciated her sensitive, caring, respectful approach. Her kind and calm presence made me feel safe and allowed for very deep work to take place – perhaps deeper still than in-person sessions. I felt held and heard. It was beautiful and transformative.

Eleanor Reilly

Sara has a lovely relaxing, caring and present energy, and helped me so much in overcoming fear around childbirth with her holistic and intuitive approach. She also helped my daughter as we felt she had ‘unfinished business’ after a difficult birth. When Sara left my daughter wanted to hug her – the first time she’d ever done this!Our second session was via Skype and although I was a little skeptical about doing this kind of work online, it worked well. In fact I credit the guidance she gave me during that session with the unexpected but magical speed of my second labour! Sara helped me reframe my experience of childbirth and I am extremely grateful for her help.

Tiggi Halliday

I love Sara’s approach and techniques, and would highly recommend her. I had been experiencing boundary and sleep issues with my son, but after just a couple of sessions I’ve seen great improvements. She helped us in a gentle yet deeply powerful way, which has left me feeling stronger and more confident in myself and parenting abilities. This in turn has had a very positive influence on my son. Thank you Sara, for your support, encouragement and beautiful healing energy!

Grainne Warren

Sara is a wonderful therapist. Her person centred approach put me at ease from the very beginning. The craniosacral therapy session left me feeling calm and balanced, giving me space to fully relax and recharge. Thank you Sara!

Pommy Harmar

had the most powerful session with Sara. She is a truly talented and skilled practitioner with a deep understanding of healing. I wish she lived near me so I could have more!!1 CommentLikeCommentShare

Muriel Laradi

Thank you Sara Devoy for this craniosacral session I had with you ! I feel so grateful and privilegied… Time was suspended, thanks to your dedication. You listen so well to the body, find right words and know how to create the space for healing. Afterwards, I felt deeply relaxed, fully connected to my body, light and “full of free space inside” if it makes sense… 🙏You do a light work, dear Sara 😊I highly recommend your work

Rita Holding

I had the most amazing treatment with Sara this past week. The setting is safe and peaceful and Sara is an amazing gentle therapist. I have no doubt that continuous craniosacral therapy treatment with Sara with help to improve the functioning of my nervous system and relieving pain. Highly recommended, thank you Sara!