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Mary Hayden
Mary Hayden
May 24, 2022.
Sara is such a kind caring person, & who said it was difficult to feel emotion or connection over zoom. Sara definitely knows how to manage & capture this. Please do connect with Sara, an hour well spent on yourself. You wont regret it. Thank you Sara. Mary
John Devoy
John Devoy
March 3, 2022.
Nerve pain due to a cervical slipped disc is not put it mildly! And though seeing a specialist etc etc. – I now have had several sessions of cranio-sacral with Sara. I was cynical that any shift would happen but there was/is no denying the sense of relaxation and relief felt. there is way to go yet but no doubt I will include as many C-S treatments as I can. Thank you Sara!
Sue Goode
Sue Goode
March 3, 2022.
I’ve had three sessions with Sara. As well as being a lovely lady, her work is very gentle yet powerful. Sara is helping me with a challenging phase of my life and the therapy is proving to be very effective. Would highly recommend. Thanks Sarah.
Liz White
Liz White
February 3, 2022.
I had the pleasure of attending some Craniosacral session with my newborn baby in Sara’s safe hands. My baby’s birth experience may have caused him a little trauma & he was suffering with wind. The Craniosacral therapy was gentle and calm on my baby & I feel it alleviated him, made him more relaxed and comfortable. I would highly recommend Sara.
Kimberly Gray Ennis
Kimberly Gray Ennis
December 21, 2021.
Sara's session are beautifully gentle & playful. She is incredibly intuitive and soft in her approach, clearly tapping into a deep wisdom. I am so glad to have found Sara. I will be continuing my sessions with her throughout 2022.
Jackie Gowran
Jackie Gowran
August 30, 2021.
Sara’s touch and way is very healing, her well of knowledge, wisdom and compassion is deep. Thanks Sara.
Noelle Holland
Noelle Holland
August 13, 2021.
I've just availed of a wonderful treatment from Sara. Such a feeling of care for the client from Sara & my back now feels released & healed.
Judy O'Grady
Judy O'Grady
May 2, 2021.
I consider myself extremely lucky to have received a treatment from Sara at my husband's Osteopathic Clinic at Stephen's Wood, Carrigadrohid, Macroom, Co. Cork. Having had cranial treatment in the past, I expected the same style from Sara. However, having had first hand experience, I have to say I think Sara is extremely unique in her skillset. It was the first time I felt the sensation of waves through my body. It felt magical. Since then, I have had a lasting feeling of physical and emotional wellbeing. Sara has a rare gift, and I am so grateful to have experienced her talent for myself. Treatment with Sara is something I cannot recommend highly enough. Thank you Sara.
Noreen Murphy
Noreen Murphy
March 16, 2021.
I felt so at ease at Sara's. I would never have tried this therapy before but I would recommend it. I will be back
sharon odwyer
sharon odwyer
January 21, 2021.
Sara review I honestly didn't know what to expect from an online session with Sara but in fact I got so much from it, I can't recommend it enough! Sara has a gentle but very knowledgeable way that made me feel Safe and Accepted straightaway. I was amazed at what she was able to pick up through our shared screens - where I had difficulty and where I needed support. Through her gentle invitations, I found ways to support myself ongoing. The benefits were apparent after the session too - I found I was more self aware and able to be kind to myself and what really interested me was it helped me make better decisions for myself in terms of eating healthily and resting more. I'd love my own clients (as a nutritional therapist) to experience these benefits, when a change to healthier habits can be a struggle unless they are first able to accept themselves as deserving of the investment into taking care of themselves - thanks Sara!

Ina de Brún

A treatment with Sara was a wonderful cradling ~ a letting go of tension into a more natural and harmonious balance. Just lovely! Thanks Sara.

Tom Farrington

I have had a number of treatments with Sara and definitely had benefit from them. I would definitely recommend Sara’s gentle approach.

Fiona Ross

I felt so much more balanced after my Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy session with Sara. She has a natural healing gift and I really liked the holistic approach, in that it wasn’t just about the treatment process but was a very person-centred approach. Thank you Sara!

Michelle Ryan

I had a lovely experience with Sara in her Craniosacral therapy. Calming and relaxing treqtment and good for your well being overall. thank you..🙂

Emmeline Raj

I loved my remote craniosacral therapy session with Sara Devoy! I really appreciated her sensitive, caring, respectful approach. Her kind and calm presence made me feel safe and allowed for very deep work to take place – perhaps deeper still than in-person sessions. I felt held and heard. It was beautiful and transformative.

Eleanor Reilly

Sara has a lovely relaxing, caring and present energy, and helped me so much in overcoming fear around childbirth with her holistic and intuitive approach. She also helped my daughter as we felt she had ‘unfinished business’ after a difficult birth. When Sara left my daughter wanted to hug her – the first time she’d ever done this!Our second session was via Skype and although I was a little skeptical about doing this kind of work online, it worked well. In fact I credit the guidance she gave me during that session with the unexpected but magical speed of my second labour! Sara helped me reframe my experience of childbirth and I am extremely grateful for her help.

Tiggi Halliday

I love Sara’s approach and techniques, and would highly recommend her. I had been experiencing boundary and sleep issues with my son, but after just a couple of sessions I’ve seen great improvements. She helped us in a gentle yet deeply powerful way, which has left me feeling stronger and more confident in myself and parenting abilities. This in turn has had a very positive influence on my son. Thank you Sara, for your support, encouragement and beautiful healing energy!

Grainne Warren

Sara is a wonderful therapist. Her person centred approach put me at ease from the very beginning. The craniosacral therapy session left me feeling calm and balanced, giving me space to fully relax and recharge. Thank you Sara!

Pommy Harmar

had the most powerful session with Sara. She is a truly talented and skilled practitioner with a deep understanding of healing. I wish she lived near me so I could have more!!1 CommentLikeCommentShare

Muriel Laradi

Thank you Sara Devoy for this craniosacral session I had with you ! I feel so grateful and privilegied… Time was suspended, thanks to your dedication. You listen so well to the body, find right words and know how to create the space for healing. Afterwards, I felt deeply relaxed, fully connected to my body, light and “full of free space inside” if it makes sense… 🙏You do a light work, dear Sara 😊I highly recommend your work

Rita Holding

I had the most amazing treatment with Sara this past week. The setting is safe and peaceful and Sara is an amazing gentle therapist. I have no doubt that continuous craniosacral therapy treatment with Sara with help to improve the functioning of my nervous system and relieving pain. Highly recommended, thank you Sara!

Babies Pages Pre-natal and pregnancy Services

Pre-natal bonding

Numerous research projects, including the virtue baby initiative in India demonstrate that Prenatal Bonding is a two-way connection between mother and the baby before conception that has emotional and  physiological impacts.  Cells are forming 1.8 million connections each second and it is through these connections that the brain of the baby gets hardwired. The growing brain is shaped by whatever experiences and environment the brain is exposed to while developing in the uterus. While practicing Prenatal Bonding, the mother experiences a connection; causing her to release feel-good hormones that reduce anxiety or fear. Mother-baby bonding empowers the mother’s natural capabilities, resulting in greater confidence and safety during childbirth, reduction of preterm birth and Birth trauma . Mother and baby, together as a team, experience less pain and anxiety . Obstetrical interventions go down significantly, resulting in fewer complications, better normal delivery and breastfeeding rates. 

Pre natal bonding takes a few minutes each day and can involve singing, journaling, art, cooking , talking. Listening and finding other ways to creatively acknowledge your little one. 

Dr William Emerson who I studied with for many years makes clear that the sensory interaction of mum and baby produces health-giving hormones and enzymes that promote homeostasis.

i) lower level of adrenaline/higher oxytocin

ii)stable blood pressure

iii) lower heart rate

iv) greater output of growth hormone

v( increased myelination??  Important during pregnancy for brain development

vi)reduced pituitary and adrenal and sym adrenal responses ( Bovard)

Vi stimulation of anabolic processes

Reduces catecholamines levels in labour

Decrease stress response to labour

Shorter labour

Pain decrease..c section decreased

Decreased post partum

Little crying 

GET in touch to book a free call to see how I can help.

I have PDF for parents

PDF on pre natal bonding 

PDF on something else they can sign for

Babies Pages Pre-natal and pregnancy Services

Preconception – fertility support-prenatal bonding

 Birthing babies – Birthing parents. 

 Whether conceiving a baby naturally or with assistance; craniosacral sessions offers insightful  and invaluable support.  It  is essential to  calm the  nervous system  to  optimise your health  to conceive and nurture your baby. 

In a series of sessions couples explore the path to conception with compassion and openness. Clearing the path for a positive pregnancy  takes many forms and the experience of both partners is relevant. There may have been previous pregnancies, miscarriages or  a challenging  labour. Grief or even aspects of  the couple’s  upbringing and birth  can be factors.  Online or in person  sessions for  aspiring and pregnant couples, deepen their connection and understanding.  Parents are born too!

Call for more information 

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Birth Recovery – Birth Trauma for Mum and Partner

If you are recovering from a challenging labour I offer various approaches including a ‘Three Step Rewind’ technique that is highly effective when feelings about the birth are lingering and hard to come to terms with weeks and months after birth.  This approach can be used for both mother and partner. 

If you would like to find out if TSR three step rewind is right for you call me to book a short 20 minute call. ( Please note that this is a chance to meet each other and ask questions about the approach rather than an actual session!)

Contact Me

Babies Pages Pre-natal and pregnancy Services

Birth recovery for parents and babies

 How  we are first welcomed, has  a huge impact on our self-esteem, capacity to learn and build relationships.  Birth interventions, even though necessary and life saving at times, interrupt and  speed up the baby’s innate birth rhythm.  Pain relief, induction,  forceps, vacuum or  a c-section, can all leave a baby with feelings of wanting to complete parts of their birth. The ‘golden hour’ after birth may have been rushed or unavoidable separation may have occurred.  Even the most natural of labours can have its  challenging  moments for the baby or the mother.

Although it is never too late to do restorative work, having some sessions  early in life is such a wonderful gift.  Craniosacral  mother and baby sessions are ideal in the early weeks and at various milestones.  Clingy or challenging behaviour at many stages of childhood can often be traced back to this  formative phase. Craniosacral sessions  are joyful for all concerned; a chance to acknowledge what  has happened and  to deepen your bond.

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CRANIOSACRAL parents and babies sessions

Pregnancy is a joyful time to positively influence the development of our little ones. Pre and post-natal Craniosacral sessions are soothing for you and your baby and will help to deepen your bond. Becoming a parent is a major  life event and takes many of us time to adjust. If your labour wasnt exactly as you had dreamed, this patient heart-felt approach helps families to  acknowledge and heal.  Parents bring their babies for help with crying, behavioural issues, restlessness, colic, neck tension, sleep or simply for a check-up after birth.

Craniosacral therapy and Integrated baby therapy, (IBT)  is blended in sessions.  IBT acknowledges babies as sensitive and aware beings who need to express and integrate some of their earliest experiences from their birth and life in utero.  The field of Pre and Perinatal psychology help parents make sense of their child’s  behaviour and body language. Babies and children  tell their stories in many ways,  as well as offering gentle craniosacral work,  I observe and mirror gestures, cries and behaviour during specific play. IBT work is particularly helpful for mobile and older children who don’t necessarily want to stay on a table! 

Children instinctively like to show the impact of their pre and perinatal experience and given the right environment find their own resolutions. Babies  and children of all ages are included in the conversation and working with the family as a unit is ideal.  Adoptees and their families benefit from this heartfelt approach as well.

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INTRODUCTORY Craniosacral SESSION ( Adults)

Available in person or online

Perhaps you have physical symptoms that you want to address;  a tight neck or a sore shoulder?  Or difficulties with sleep, anxiety or feelings of overwhelm.   As our minds and bodies are so connected Craniosacral body work offers an experience of safety, stillness and calm that recalibrates the  nervous system over time. Your intention for the session is vital. 

( An advantage of online work is that you can choose to rest for longer after I have left the zoom call.)

*   Within 48 hours of an INTRODUCTORY Craniosacral  SESSION,  a 20 minute phone call is offered to reflect on your experience and to look at how you might like to continue to work together.   For the  low waged I am willing to discuss concessions. Deciding to have a series of session and then review can be the most helpful approach. 

Stillness is vital to the world of the soul…

The fragments of your life will have time to unify, and the places where your soul-shelter is wounded or broken will have time to knit and heal.  You will be able to return to yourself.  In this stillness, you will engage your soul.”   John O’Donohue     


Like a spring unsprung…

After 16 years of markets and organic farming,  my inner voice was calling me loudly.  It was time for  me to turn the wheel full circle. 

Like a spring unsprung, there was a surge of joy as I reconnected with therapeutic work. In 2015 I travelled frequently to Switzerland to train with  Dr William Emerson, founder of Pre and perinatal psychology and to the UK to study Craniosacral Therapy with teachers I had admired back in 1990 whilst training as a Polarity Therapist.

It continues to be a privilege to witness clients re-discovering their potency and aliveness. Craniosacral therapy settles our nervous system and  when combined with  pre and perinatal psychology the insights are extraordinary.

As Mary Oliver writes in her poem The Journey;

One day I “ finally knew what I had to do and began… there was a new voice which I slowly recognized as my own… I was determined to do the only thing I could do…”


My Approach

      SARA DEVOY MA Econ and BCST

Registered Member of the Irish Association of Craniosacral Therapists (IACST), Qualified Polarity Therapist and Integrative Baby Therapist and Pre and Perinatal practitioner. 

Sara sees her work as supporting people to find their innate stillness and authentic spark. Her whole-bodied, whole-hearted approach to wellness, that attracts  all age groups, accentuates health by settling the nervous system.  Treatments suit a wide range of physical and emotional conditions  and can be used as a wellness  maintenance programme. 

  Vitality  –   Stillness  – Self-compassion

For over  thirty years Sara has been exploring how our earliest experiences and the way we are born impacts babies, children and adults alike.   Our physical health, emotional resilience, self-talk and relationships are all influenced.  Pre and perinatal psychology training  deeply informs Sara’s work and  helping parents and babies is her speciality.  Adults, children and babies alike benefit  from restorative sessions that allow them to slow down and discover their own pace.  Sara offers an online group for pregnant and new mums called Mothering YOU.

 “I am much more interested to discover what is right with you rather than what is wrong with you.. It is our birthright  to rest and reconnect with our stillness. “ Says Sara.


Pre and Perinatal support for mums and babies, Birth recovery.

Shock, grief/anxiety/ and all who respond well to a gentle touch.


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Craniosacral Therapy

 Craniosacral therapy, ( CST), stems from Cranial Osteopathy and works on the craniosacral system – the fluids and membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord as well as the entire nervous system. It is a  hands on whole person approach to wellness that can successfully treat muscular pain, shock, fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression as well as colic and reflux in babies. Craniosacral therapy  is ideal for all stages of life including pregnancy. Treatments can be used as a health maintenance programme  or to  benefit acute conditions.  ( For a list please click here).  

Dr William Garner Sutherland  (B.1873) one of the early  Osteopaths who discovered the Craniosacral  rhythms within the body wrote,

“  within the cerebrospinal fluid there is an invisible element that I refer to as  the Breath of Life….. is it really necessary to know what makes the fluid move? Visualize a potency, an intelligent potency, that is more intelligent than your own human mentality.” 

Whether online or in person, clients speak of a rekindling of their innate spark; of renewed purpose, vitality and joy.  ( See testimonials)

CST can treat

  • Colic/Reflux in babies
  • Pregnancy related ailments
  • Reproductive Problems
  • Back pain
  • Joint pain
  • Sciatica
  • Headaches/Migraine
  • Digestive Problems/IBS
  • Sports injuries
  • Neck/Shoulder pain
  • Arthritis
  • ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Sleep Problems
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Stress, Trauma and Depression