Do babies remember birth and why does it matter?
Do babies remember birth and why does it matter?
Birth is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all of us and identifying our own Pre and perinatal imprints offers invaluable insights into our ways of being in the world. Parenting, that starts in the womb, is a unique opportunity to support the development of a caring and compassionate human being. A positive womb and birth experience is every baby’s birthright and creating a healthy womb, helps to create a healthy world!
( I can't get no..) Satisfaction
( I can’t get no..) Satisfaction
Although ‘society’ may tell us that doing it all alone and being super independent is the ideal, it is clear, especially in these times of Covid, that none of us are designed for social isolation.
Helping women re discover their stillness and authentic spark
Helping women re discover their stillness and authentic spark
* Research has shown that talking to our babies in Utero, taking moments to bond pre-birth and doing all we can to calm and settle ourselves as parents has multiple future benefits.
How Craniosacral therapy helps settle nervous systems
With anxiety, depression and stress on the climb, have you ever wondered how you can better manage your reactions to life’s challenges and stressors?
sara devoy in the echo
Sara Devoy interviewed in the Echo
Seeing the joyful light in a baby’s eyes when they feel felt and seen by their parents and feeling people’s bodies soften and untangle under my hands. I have also worked on a dying friend .. the most rewarding aspects of my career.
sara devoy at st stephens wood clinic
Sara joins the team at Stephen’s Wood Injury Clinic.
In a gentle Craniosacral session, a baby or young child, often takes the chance to complete a part of their birth that was interrupted or rushed.
What to expect at my craniosacral therapy session?
Clients often speak of a renewed sense of ‘aliveness, wellbeing and presence’ in their body. Our bodies know how to heal and health will emerge given the right conditions.
Craniosacral therapy explained.
Craniosacral bodywork gentle supports our nervous system to achieve balance, emphasizing the body’s inherent ability to heal itself given the correct conditions
Craniosacral therapy for helping baby to sleep
In a world where speed is often valued, craniosacral sessions support us to slow down and reconnect to ourselves and to our babies.
The History of Craniosacral Therapy
Histories are held in contracted tissues and overactive minds. With this work, we become more present to ourselves, bringing acceptance and compassion to our experience.
What is Craniosacral Therapy?
“ within the cerebrospinal fluid there is an invisible element that I refer to as the Breath of Life….. is it really necessary to know what makes the fluid move? Visualize a potency, an intelligent potency, that is more intelligent than your own human mentality.”