An adult hand holds a baby hand. Connection with your baby from early pregnancy is important.
It is never too early to connect with our little ones. They feel all we feel as they grow and develop in pregnancy. It is natures way to prepare them for the world. We are in the most intimate relationship way before we can see or hold them.  When parents discover how conscious babies are from conception onwards, […]
pregnancy, birth and pain relief can all be influenced by our own experience as babies
Is our own birth influencing our attitude to pain relief in pregnancy? When I work with mums to be or those trying to conceive I take time to explore their own birth story.  Our own entrance into the world can leave lasting impressions that set a tone or mood around birth. Do we have an inherent […]
When women come to see me post-natally for birth recovery sessions or to settle their baby, they often speak about how they felt out of control. “It all happened so quickly”, “ I felt afraid and had no choice but to do what I was told.” Common stressors include being left alone for periods of time, not […]
For many of us sweating, stretching and defining ourselves through exercise and sports is crucial for our emotional and mental well-being.   Jane Fonda coined the term ‘going for the burn’, to point to the release of endorphins, the after-glow, the feel good factor of a satisfying work-out.  When it comes to childbirth, there doesn’t seem […]
In 1999, when I gave birth to my first child who was inconveniently posterior I pushed myself  through a 36hr labour with zealous determination. If anyone has ever experienced a posterior labour they will know that the pains are relentless, often not the kind that feel productive. From the outside looking in, I had the birth […]
Planning the birth you want
Planning for a safe, positive and powerful birth. Medical technology allows pregnancies to be more closely monitored than ever before. Although it brings parents reassurance and sometimes  identifies the need for essential lifesaving care, it also comes at a price. Screenings offer a certain kind of  knowledge, a knowledge that must,  I believe, be complemented  […]
Once we have actually become pregnant, (which may have been extremely challenging in itself), we tend to be eager to look outward to learn about our pregnancy, to know about how our baby is growing  and what to expect at every stage. Although it can be reassuring to look at apps and books and compare notes […]
For some of us it takes a lifetime to come to terms with our very first relationship. Our feelings about our mother can hold the key to our life outlook and habitual feelings. Through no fault of their own our mothers may not have been able to connect with us in a way that we […]
Do babies remember birth and why does it matter?
Birth is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all of us and identifying our own Pre and perinatal imprints offers invaluable insights into our ways of being in the world. Parenting, that starts in the womb, is a unique opportunity to support the development of a caring and compassionate human being. A positive womb and birth experience is every baby’s birth.
( I can't get no..) Satisfaction
Although ‘society’ may tell us that doing it all alone and being super independent is the ideal, it is clear, especially in these times of Covid, that none of us are designed for social isolation.
Helping women re discover their stillness and authentic spark
* Research has shown that talking to our babies in Utero, taking moments to bond pre-birth and doing all we can to calm and settle ourselves as parents has multiple future benefits.
With anxiety, depression and stress on the climb, have you ever wondered how you can better manage your reactions to life’s challenges and stressors?
sara devoy in the echo
Seeing the joyful light in a baby’s eyes when they feel felt and seen by their parents and feeling people’s bodies soften and untangle under my hands. I have also worked on a dying friend .. the most rewarding aspects of my career.
sara devoy at st stephens wood clinic
In a gentle Craniosacral session, a baby or young child, often takes the chance to complete a part of their birth that was interrupted or rushed.
Clients often speak of a renewed sense of ‘aliveness, wellbeing and presence’ in their body. Our bodies know how to heal and health will emerge given the right conditions.