CRANIOSACRAL parents and babies sessions

Pregnancy is a joyful time to positively influence the development of our little ones. Pre and post-natal Craniosacral sessions are soothing for you and your baby and will help to deepen your bond. Becoming a parent is a major  life event and takes many of us time to adjust. If your labour wasnt exactly as you had dreamed, this patient heart-felt approach helps families to  acknowledge and heal.  Parents bring their babies for help with crying, behavioural issues, restlessness, colic, neck tension, sleep or simply for a check-up after birth.

Craniosacral therapy and Integrated baby therapy, (IBT)  is blended in sessions.  IBT acknowledges babies as sensitive and aware beings who need to express and integrate some of their earliest experiences from their birth and life in utero.  The field of Pre and Perinatal psychology help parents make sense of their child’s  behaviour and body language. Babies and children  tell their stories in many ways,  as well as offering gentle craniosacral work,  I observe and mirror gestures, cries and behaviour during specific play. IBT work is particularly helpful for mobile and older children who don’t necessarily want to stay on a table! 

Children instinctively like to show the impact of their pre and perinatal experience and given the right environment find their own resolutions. Babies  and children of all ages are included in the conversation and working with the family as a unit is ideal.  Adoptees and their families benefit from this heartfelt approach as well.