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Birth recovery for parents and babies

 How  we are first welcomed, has  a huge impact on our self-esteem, capacity to learn and build relationships.  Birth interventions, even though necessary and life saving at times, interrupt and  speed up the baby’s innate birth rhythm.  Pain relief, induction,  forceps, vacuum or  a c-section, can all leave a baby with feelings of wanting to complete parts of their birth. The ‘golden hour’ after birth may have been rushed or unavoidable separation may have occurred.  Even the most natural of labours can have its  challenging  moments for the baby or the mother.

Although it is never too late to do restorative work, having some sessions  early in life is such a wonderful gift.  Craniosacral  mother and baby sessions are ideal in the early weeks and at various milestones.  Clingy or challenging behaviour at many stages of childhood can often be traced back to this  formative phase. Craniosacral sessions  are joyful for all concerned; a chance to acknowledge what  has happened and  to deepen your bond.