What are the most important things to remember in pregnancy?

Once we have actually become pregnant, (which may have been extremely challenging in itself), we tend to be eager to look outward to learn about our pregnancy, to know about how our baby is growing  and what to expect at every stage. Although it can be reassuring to look at apps and books and compare notes with others,  it is easy to  become disconnected and overwhelmed. Pregnancy is a  heightened state, with less filters.  A time when you may just not be able to ‘do it all’! Watch out for those busy speedy feelings and see if you can take a breath and slow down! Click here for CALMS PDF for simple relaxation for new mothers and mums to be.

What are the most important things to remember during pregnancy? 

Remember – From conception on, you are in a total sensory relationship with your baby. The circuitry of your baby’s brain, their personality and their capacity to cope with stress is influenced not just by genes but by you, their first environment.

Remember – You are your baby’s first home. In the same way that a plant flourishes in an optimum environment, by seeking out good support, you and your baby will develop and thrive for many years to come.

Remember – Being pregnant is both a huge responsibility and joyful opportunity to gather layers of support around you and even to address some of our own unmet needs.

As soon as a pregnancy is announced mums are bombarded with advice and suggestions from all directions. Everyone has their stories and opinions. It can feel as though your little bump is publicly owned! You are ‘in the club’ and as a new member you get exposed to the highs and lows of other people’s pregnancies and labour stories. It can feel as though it is less about YOU and more about their need to tell someone about their experience! Support during your pregnancy is very different from advice!

So what do YOU need to nurture yourself, your baby and your own innate knowing? In the Prenatal Pregnancy and Birth sessions that I offer, I encourage couples to explore how they can create the most nurturing environment  possible. This isn’t about wrapping ourselves up in cotton wool but about being self-reflective, remembering our fun side and our own inner knowing! We can ask ourselves …

Do I really need more information or more encouragement? What would help to build trust and confidence in your own body? Some movement,  positive touch, some good company? Some laughter? 

Contact me to find out more about simple ways to deepen your  connection with your baby and your  partner. Until we meet try simply resting together,  breathing and reflecting on this miracle of life inside of you.

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