Like a spring unsprung…

After 16 years of markets and organic farming,  my inner voice was calling me loudly.  It was time for  me to turn the wheel full circle. 

Like a spring unsprung, there was a surge of joy as I reconnected with therapeutic work. In 2015 I travelled frequently to Switzerland to train with  Dr William Emerson, founder of Pre and perinatal psychology and to the UK to study Craniosacral Therapy with teachers I had admired back in 1990 whilst training as a Polarity Therapist.

It continues to be a privilege to witness clients re-discovering their potency and aliveness. Craniosacral therapy settles our nervous system and  when combined with  pre and perinatal psychology the insights are extraordinary.

As Mary Oliver writes in her poem The Journey;

One day I “ finally knew what I had to do and began… there was a new voice which I slowly recognized as my own… I was determined to do the only thing I could do…”