Connection not Perfection!
An adult hand holds a baby hand. Connection with your baby from early pregnancy is important.

It is never too early to connect with our little ones. They feel all we feel as they grow and develop in pregnancy. It is natures way to prepare them for the world. We are in the most intimate relationship way before we can see or hold them. 

When parents discover how conscious babies are from conception onwards, there can be some mixed reactions! Maybe the pregnancy was a surprise, or a much wanted one that came at a time of grief or financial or professional pressure. Parents may feel ‘guilty’ that they are stressed or anxious or that their body isn’t ‘the perfect peaceful temple’ for their baby. There are so many demands in people’s lives and connecting with a baby, especially if this isn't the first-born, can seem overwhelming.      

Parents may feel that conversations with baby is on their terms. For the baby though, continuous communication isn't an optional extra;  They are literally plugged into mum and they receive all of her unfiltered! Babies  FEEL us, and their nervous system is shaped accordingly.

This isn't intended as a guilt trip but to tell Parents loud and clear that babies are crying out for CONNECTION not PERFECTION! 

As vital to them as free flowing milk, truthful, heartfelt communication creates unshakeable bonds. Partners play a key role by supporting and nurturing mum through the highs and lows. This will be experienced as a supportive buffer for both mum and baby, bringing less fear and greater ease and security.

So how are you feeling today Muma? 

How would it be to gently open your heart, shed a tear if you need to and tell your little one how you are feeling?

Are you adapting to the idea of being a mum?

Excited but worried about some aspects?

Not confident in your abilities to love THAT much?

Fearful that you wont get somethings right? 

It is powerful to remember that regardless of any of your own misgivings or feelings of inadequacy  you are the very best parent for YOUR baby, you can learn together and they are totally open to connection with YOU…with all of YOU!