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Craniosacral therapy for helping baby to sleep

It is a special privilege to offer Craniosacral therapy during pregnancy and to newborns. In a world where speed is often valued, craniosacral sessions support us to slow down and reconnect to ourselves and to our babies. Although we are parents from the moment we conceive, it takes many of us time to adjust to our new roles.  Becoming a parent is a roller coaster which can feel totally joyful, exhausting and overwhelming all at the same time!    

Many a new parent will cry, “Everything would be fine if only he would sleep!” It is so easy to make comparisons and to take it all personally. The more we try to control the situation and see sleep as ‘ a problem to be fixed’, the more elusive the romantic dream of a perfect family will be.

Mother and baby craniosacral treatment for sleep

During a  mother and baby Craniosacral session I always include babies in the conversation; treating them as individuals with the gentleness and respect they deserve.  Although babies don’t come with a magic off switch, getting curious about the stories that they are expressing is incredibly powerful.   Cutting edge neuroscience reveals that babies not only remember birth but their time in utero as well. Birth memories can be one reason why they may be fretful or find it hard to settle.  

To give you an example a young 5-month-old was a fussy feeder by day and hard to settle at night.  Mum was feeling depleted and powerless as her baby dominated the household.  I held mums lower back and asked the baby, who was crying, could I touch her on her lower back too.   We all relaxed and settled together and slowly as mums told me how she was feeling, her breathing deepened and the baby began to visibly melt into her mum. 

We all need support to reconnect with ourselves, to tell our stories and to be deeply heard. Time and time again I see how babies settle when they see that their mums are nourishing themselves as well. 

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